Day 0

In Arthur's Japan Trip, Part 1 in Japan by SumoFreak11

DateMonday March 2nd
Days in JapanDay 0
LocationSan Francisco
Steps Walkedn/a
Daily ObjectiveSurvive my final day in the US
Daily TipDon’t overbook yourself the few days leading up to a large trip!

Final Preparations

Well, it’s finally here! Today is my long-awaited “final day” in the US before I take off for Japan! This trip has that has taken several years to coordinate and execute but I couldn’t be more excited. Against the best wishes of many friends and family, I’ll be traveling during the quickly spreading corona virus pandemic. I conveniently (not really) booked an abundant amount of work the weekend before my trip. Today started off with me making my way to the city to meet with some friends for lunch, ideally get a haircut and then bartend throughout the evening before making my way home to pack my bags. My plan was to catch a late bus back after work, pack my bags, write a heartfelt note for the soccer boys that I coach since I’d be missing their state playoff run, sleep very little (I’m planning on sleeping on the flight), and be ready in the morning to fly from the Santa Rosa (STS) airport which is located about 7 minutes from my house.

My buddies decided to hit a local Thai restaurant for lunch where the views provided by the hostess definitely helped psych me up for my trip.  Regardless of the fact that it was midday, only one of the four of us had to hurry back to work after lunch. My other two buddies seemingly easily convinced me to skip the haircut plans and alternatively grab some drinks a a nearby pub. A few beers and plenty of banter later, I had to rush off to go bartend a rather boring beer & wine event (the Corona Virus had cut the expected attendance in half). Luckily for me, the manager let me off the hook early and I was able to leave at the conclusion of the event (opposed to having to clean up for another hour or so).  I quickly checked my phone and saw that I’d have to make haste to catch the next bus home or else holdup for an hour for the later bus. I quickly made use of the changing room and took off down the street for my bus. After awkwardly sprinting several blocks I successfully beat the bus by a minute to my stop. I hopped onto the bus breathless and quite exhausted but overall pleased with my efforts. Before I was able to take my routine nap during the 2 hour bus ride home, I successfully booked myself an appointment at the most popular barber shop in my hometown which my buddy from my early soccer years runs. My flight the next day was scheduled for 10:50am and my haircut appointment was scheduled for 9:20am. Given that the airport in Santa Rosa is the size of a gymnasium and it usually only takes about 10-15 minutes from the front door to the plane, I wasn’t too concerned.

I finally arrived home and began packing my bag.  My plan was to pack light and only bring one carry-on bag and a man purse of sorts for my iPad and external charger. I’m still baffled at why, but it took me almost 2 hours to completely pack my bag with the correct clothes I wanted to bring on this trip. I finally put my head down to sleep around 3am excited to begin my wild and amazing journey the following morning.