Join me & others to kickoff Dry July!  Please read through the whole description.  This is my first attempt at doing this month-long event but everyone who participates will be greatly rewarded.

What is Dry July?

Dry July is a month-long pledge to be more health conscious and ultimately drink less alcohol.

In todays society we work our butts off on a regular basis which tends to lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Whether it’s getting a drink after work, eating late night fast food, or just not drinking enough water, we all have our own unhealthy habits.

The purpose of Dry July is to bring to light just how unhealthy your habits are and how to improve them. The objective isn’t to stop drinking cold turkey or up and change your lifestyle, but the idea is to cut back on the negative influences on your body & mind while you welcome healthier alternatives.


These things are always easier in groups which is why this is a community based pledge and involves plenty of social activities to find support and meet others looking for similar results.

Dry July is a 30 day membership based calendar of events and fun for people looking to become healthier and meet others with similar goals. Throughout the month, members will have access to a gym membership, yoga classes, meditation sessions, and tons of social events such as hiking, bowling, exploring, and eating (healthy) to meet others in a non-alcoholic and social environment.  You’re welcome to come and go as you please and how much success you want depends on everyone individually.

The event calendar and details will be made accessible sometime next week.

Membership costs are $150 to participate throughout the month which includes free access to all events as well as a welcoming and completion party.  There will be some merchandise and you’ll also receive tons of information regarding how alcohol and other negative influences effect you.  In the end you’ll notice that you not only will feel much more alive and positive mentally and physically but you’ll see that $150 is a cheap alternative to what you would’ve spent on your unhealthy habits throughout the same time period.

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This is a great opportunity to take a step in the right direction and begin respecting your body & mind.

This is in no means a cleanse or spiritual event.  The idea isn’t to convince you to stop drinking or quit eating certain things.  The goal is to educate you enough to make healthier decisions and do so in a positive and group environment.


Hey everyone!  Sorry it’s taken so long but here is a schedule for the month of July!  I’ll provide some more details & handouts on Friday at the Kickoff Party (which everyone and anyone is welcome to attend and ask questions).  I’ll provide a printed calendar of events on the 1st as well! If you cannot make it on the 1st to the park please contact me personally on meetup and we can discuss the details.

We’re going to be creating a “WhatsApp” chat for all participants so please download that app if you plan on attending.

I’ll also provide details as to what expenses are covered throughout this month-long event.  This is the first time I’ve attempted this and am more concerned on having success than anything.

Some events on the calendar are drinking events (I’ll be running them regardless and anyone is encouraged to come but they will involve a decent amount of drinking)

Details are still being finalized but everyone will have free access to yoga and gym memberships throughout the month as well.

July 1st – Kickoff Party @ Huntington Park

July 2nd – Hike Lands End by Ocean Beach – Lunch After

July 3rd – North Beach Pub Crawl (Drinking Event)

July 4th – 4th of July Picnic & Fireworks Show in Marina SF

July 5th – Taco Tuesdays @ Nik’s Taco – Rogue Lounge

July 6th – Wednesday Night Yoga Class

July 7th – (I’m out of town)

July 8th – (I’m out of town)

July 9th – (I’m out of town)

July 10th – (I’m out of town)

July 11th – Lunch Downtown SF -> Gym session in evening

July 12th – OPEN

July 13th – Wednesday Night Yoga

July 14th – Bowling Downtown SF

July 15th – SF By Night (Tour around downtown)

July 16th – Embarcadero Walk & Tour -> Marina Pub Crawl (drinking event)

July 17th – Off The Grid Presidio Picnic

July 18th – Gym Night

July 19th – Ice Skating Downtown SF

July 20th – Wednesday Night Yoga

July 21st – Off The Grid Fort Mason

July 22nd – Dinner & a movie Downtown

July 23rd – Mission Pub Crawl (drinking event)

July 24th – Golden Gate Bike Ride (ride over bridge)

July 25th – Gym night

July 26th – Pool @ Jillian’s Downtown SF

July 27th – Wednesday Night Yoga

July 28th – OPEN

July 29th – Hotel Lounge Crawl (drinking event)

July 30th – Mixer & Dancing @ Temple Nightclub (drinking event)

July 31st – End of Dry July Party!!

Keep in mind as well that my events have a FLEXIBLE REFUND guarantee.  If you’re unsatisfied with this month-long event I’ll give you full refund (minus already incurred expenses).

Feel free to contact me (Arthur) if you have any questions, recommendations, or concerns.